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The Chinese Book Center (Spain) Is Unveiled in Madrid

2024-05-06 14:09:00 Source:China Today Author:China Today
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During the “I Read China” Salon for Chinese-Spanish knowledge sharing in Madrid, which was sponsored by orgnizations including China International Communications Group, the Chinese Book Center (Spain) was officially launched.  


On the afternoon of May 3, the Chinese Book Center (Spain) was inaugurated during the “I Read China” Chinese-Spanish Knowledge-Sharing Salon in Madrid, the capital of Spain. 

Yu Tao, vice president of China International Communications Group (CICG), and Xu Shaogang, dean of Academic Affairs of the Academy of Chinese Culture, delivered video speeches during the event. He Yong, minister-counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Spain, and Javier Ramos, rector of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) in Spain, attended the event and delivered speeches as well. The Chinese Book Center was unveiled by Fan Daqi, vice president of the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies (ACCWS), and Felipe Debasa, director of the China Research Program at the URJC. Over 80 Chinese and Spanish representatives were present at the event, including Marcelo Muñoz, honorary president of Cátedra China; Antonio Miguel Carmona, president of Spain’s Friends of China Association; Augusto Soto, director of the Dialogue with China Project; and Kuang Renchun, director of the Development and Planning Department of the Cultural Center under the Publicity Department of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee. Focusing on the theme of “I Read China” each speaker shared their insights on the book Chinese Keywords: Civilization and Values as well as other publications from China including the China Today magazine. 

Yu Tao, vice president of CICG, delivers a video speech. 

Yu Tao highlighted the long history of people-to-people engagement between China and Spain and the solid foundation for bilateral cultural exchanges it has laid. Recognizing the broad vision, active thinking, and innovative ideas that young people of both countries share, he hopes they will maintain an open and inclusive mindset, focus on hands-on experience, and participate in in-depth cultural exchange activities. He encouraged young people of both countries to contribute towards sustaining bilateral friendship, deepening mutually beneficial collaboration, and shaping a brighter future. He anticipates that more Spanish friends will gain a better understanding of China by learning about traditional Chinese culture and governance strategies through public knowledge products like the book series Chinese Keywords. 

Xu Shaogang, dean of Academic Affairs of the Academy of Chinese Culture, delivers a video speech. 

Xu Shaogang emphasized in his speech that despite the fact that there are vast expanses of oceans and land that separate the two countries, Chinese and Spanish civilizations complement and draw inspiration from each other. By adhering to the path of exchange, mutual learning, and common development, both countries have significantly contributed to the progress and development of human civilization. The unveiling ceremony of the Chinese Book Center in Madrid and the “I Read China” Chinese-Spanish Knowledge-Sharing Salon serve as a platform for making friends, renewing friendships, and closing bond through the power of books. This event greatly enhances the link of cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between the two countries. 

He Yong, minister-counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Spain, delivers a speech. 

He Yong expressed his congratulations on the inauguration of the Chinese Book Center and the holding of the “I Read China” Salon. He hopes that, more Spanish scholars and researchers will be able to learn more about Chinese culture and better understand Chinese narratives through reading Chinese books. Furthermore, he hopes the Chinese Book Center will serve as a platform for inspiring Spanish people with the beauty of Chinese culture, enhancing mutual understanding, and strengthening people-to-people ties. 

Javier Ramos, rector of URJC in Spain, delivers a speech.

Javier Ramos, rector of URJC in Spain, expressed his gratitude to CICG for establishing the Chinese Book Center in Spain. He believes that the multi-language book series Chinese Keywords is an indispensable resource for helping teachers and students in Spain understand China. He further proposed that the effective path for mutually beneficial collaboration between China and Spain lies in educational and cultural interaction. URJC looks forward to maintaining close working relationships with Chinese universities and think-tanks, aiming to further deepen people-to-people and cultural exchanges. 

Chinese and foreign guests share insights.

Participating experts concurred that the multi-language Chinese Keywords book series can really help Spanish people better understand Chinese culture. It is a significant step toward deepening bilateral cultural exchanges, enhancing mutual understanding, building trust, and facilitating collaboration for win-win outcomes. Attendees hope more such activities will be held in the future to continue advancing people-to-people ties and mutual learning of civilizations between China and Spain. 

The Chinese Book Center is Unveiled in Spain.

The Chinese Book Center (Spain) is the 13th Chinese book center established by CICG overseas. The inaugural donation of 500 books on various themes about China touch on such topics as China’s national condition, traditional culture, economy, and society, aiming to portray an authentic, multi-faceted, and comprehensive image of China. The book shared in this event, Chinese Keywords: Civilization and Values, introduces various aspects about Chinese culture and tells stories of Chinese civilization through concise explanations of 80 keywords, trying to promote mutual understanding and exchange between Chinese and Spanish civilizations. 

The event was planned by CICG, the Academy of Chinese Culture, and the Chinese Embassy in Spain, and organized by the Chinese Book Center, ACCWS, the Cultural Communication Center of CICG, and URJC. 

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