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Resisting Economic Coercion

Professor Alena Douhan visited China in May as part of her mandate to investigate the humanitarian consequences of the unilateral coercive measures imposed on China.

11:34, 05-20, 2024
The Chinese Book Center (Spain) Is Unveiled in Madrid

During the “I Read China” Salon for Chinese-Spanish knowledge sharing in Madrid, which was sponsored by orgnizations including China International Communications Group, the Chinese Book Center (Spain) was officially launched.

14:09, 05-06, 2024
Stability and Credibility Should Be Valued in China-U.S. Ties

While stressing the paramount importance of a right strategic perception of each other between China and the United States, President Xi Jinping underlined three overarching principles that should guide the bilateral relations in 2024, involving peace, stability, and credibility.

10:44, 05-06, 2024
Robust Start Augurs Well for Growth Goals

Global media attention has recently riveted on China’s economic data for the first quarter (Q1) of 2024.

12:17, 04-19, 2024
A Brazilian scholar's multiple roles in China

Brazillian insights into Beijing life.

11:41, 05-20, 2024
NEOM Megacity: Pioneering Saudi Arabia's Futuristic Urban Endeavor

Collaboration between China and Saudi Arabia for NEOM presents a compelling opportunity for both countries.

11:25, 05-20, 2024
The Budapest-Belgrade Railway Is Testament to the Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

This project is of great significance to infrastructure development and connectivity in the region, and to China and Central and Eastern Europe Countries (CEECs) cooperation.

11:01, 05-10, 2024
People-to-People Exchanges Tighten China-Europe Bond

Prior to President Xi Jinping’s Europe visit starting on May 5, the first in five years, a series of people-to-people exchanges were organized in France and Spain by the China International Communications Group (CICG).

11:32, 05-06, 2024
Restorative Justice in China

The purpose of restorative justice resonates with some embedded idea of traditional Chinese culture which regards the ultimate goal of judicial activities as avoidance of lawsuits.

11:11, 05-06, 2024
Talking Justice, the Chinese Way

Western legal scholars learn from China's approach to justice at a seminar held at Oxford University. Mediation can work better than prosecution and prison.

11:02, 05-06, 2024
All Voices Should Be Heard and Heeded in a True Democracy

For all its different forms, democracy is expected to promote people’s well-being, instead of being weaponized to justify hegemony, as democracy is also a principle of global governance.

10:57, 05-06, 2024
High-Quality Development: Understanding China’s New Development Philosophy

China’s achievements in high-quality development, including poverty alleviation, decarbonization, clean energy, and digitalization, together with progress in other areas, have significantly contributed to the global sustainable development agenda.

10:31, 04-26, 2024
The Summit of U.S., Japan and Philippines: A Step Closer to New Cold War

The Asia-Pacific needs an architecture for peace not a securitized architecture for war.

11:23, 04-19, 2024
Continuous China-U.S. Dialogues Constructive for Both

The just-concluded Yellen’s China trip and all the concrete, problem-oriented dialogues with the Chinese counterparts are the right steps in the right direction.

10:47, 04-12, 2024
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