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For the Ideal Homeland

A town planner combines British experience with Chinese concept of harmony to build green, low-carbon, and sustainable cities.

10:40, 06-24, 2024
Building up Relationship Through Architecture

French architect Éric Le Khanh has been strengthening Sino-French relationship with his works over two decades.

10:34, 06-24, 2024
Young people's newfound love of lotteries

For many young lottery players in China, the social aspects of buying lottery tickets have become more important than the prospect of winning. Lottery tickets are entering young people's lives, as a new form of entertainment and a way to socialize with their peers.

13:56, 06-07, 2024
Digital Payments Bring Better Travel Experience in China

China is taking a range of steps to make it easier for international visitors to make money transactions for purchases in China.

14:59, 06-04, 2024
Express Logistics Boom in China

The improvement of infrastructure has allowed the express logistics network to extend from cities to villages, and from China to the entire world.

14:45, 05-06, 2024
Panda Parley Highlights China’s Unique Bond with Others

Sixty years of China-France diplomatic ties and 155 years of the discovery of the giant panda by the scientific community was celebrated in an apt way with the "Giant Panda origin tracing tour" on April 22.

14:56, 04-23, 2024
Protecting the Yellow River

A north China county takes numerous measures to improve river ecology.

11:23, 04-08, 2024
Finnish Internet Influencer Builds Bridges Between China and Finland

The results of making a bet with her daughter on who would make the most popular online short videos opened up an online channel for a Finnish woman who speaks fluent Chinese to share her passion about China.

10:49, 03-04, 2024
Stitching Together New Lives with Ancient Yi Embroidery

1,000-year-old Yi embroidery is taking a new lease of life in the modern era.

10:41, 03-04, 2024
The Green Wall of Aksu

An afforestation project transforms a desert prefecture in Xinjiang into an oasis.

10:37, 03-04, 2024
Coal for the People

Jungar Banner in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region explores green development of coal resources.

11:06, 02-18, 2024
Profitable Transformation

Villagers enjoy the gains from rice fields transformed from saline-alkaline land.

11:02, 02-18, 2024
Protecting the Yellow River

North China county takes numerous measures to improve river ecology.

10:59, 02-18, 2024
Greening of Coal Mines

Inner Mongolian town takes giant steps in transitioning to clean energy production.

10:54, 02-18, 2024
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