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What's special about China's ultra-long special treasury bonds

With the issuance of the year's first batch of its 1-trillion-yuan (141 billion U.S. dollars) ultra-long special treasury bonds, China has moved to leverage the rarely-used fiscal policy to consolidate growth momentum from a long-term perspective.

11:14, 05-21, 2024
China unveils guideline to promote development of smart cities

China on Monday unveiled a guideline on promoting the development of smart cities and urban digital transformation to make urban management smarter.

11:13, 05-21, 2024
One-China principle anchor of peace across Taiwan Strait: Chinese FM

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said here Monday that the one-China principle is what underpins peace across the Taiwan Strait.

11:13, 05-21, 2024
The fallacious, dangerous logic of "Chinese overcapacity" rhetoric

China's booming new energy vehicle (NEV) sector recently drew scrutiny for purported "Chinese overcapacity" from certain Western nations.

11:12, 05-21, 2024
China's general public budget revenue down 2.7 pct in Jan-April

China's general public budget revenue dropped 2.7 percent year on year to 8.09 trillion yuan (about 1.14 trillion U.S. dollars) in the first four months of 2024, according to the Ministry of Finance.

11:08, 05-21, 2024
China scales up support for clinical trials, accelerating drug development

China is scaling up support for clinical trials of drugs, contributing to the acceleration of its new drug development, according to an official at a related event on Monday, which was the 20th Clinical Trials Day.

11:04, 05-21, 2024
China's new energy boom turbocharges global green transition

China's unwavering focus on low-carbon development has fostered a new energy boom in the world's second-largest economy, with the tailwinds blowing beyond to speed up the world's green shift.

16:34, 05-20, 2024
Labeling China's NEV exports as result of overcapacity can't hold water: officials

While certain Western nations portrayed China's increasing exports of new energy vehicles (NEVs) as the result of domestic overcapacity, several Chinese officials refuted this narrative, asserting that export-based reasoning cannot hold water.

16:33, 05-20, 2024
China adds some U.S. companies to unreliable entities list

China's Ministry of Commerce announced on Monday the inclusion of some companies on its unreliable entities list as they sold arms to China's Taiwan region.

16:15, 05-20, 2024
China eases int'l travel to meet outbound tourism demand

In early April, Xiao Ying and her husband embarked on a flight from Beijing to Geneva, beginning their honeymoon in the picturesque cities of Switzerland.

09:50, 05-20, 2024
Zebrafish on China's space station in good condition: experts

The four zebrafish kept on China's Tiangong space station, which is orbiting about 400 km above Earth, are currently in good condition, experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) said Sunday.

09:49, 05-20, 2024
Senior American curators visit Yinxu for inter-museum collaboration

Nestled beside the tranquil Huan River in Anyang of central China's Henan stands the new hall of the Yinxu Museum, a striking structure in the shape of a bronze square ding. Its exterior walls are adorned with classic Shang Dynasty (1600 B.C.-1046 B.C.) bronze decorations, and the lintels above its three main doors feature the characters "Da Yi Shang" in bronze.

09:48, 05-20, 2024
Chinese, Tajik FMs reach important consensus during talks in Dushanbe

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said here Sunday that he had friendly in-depth exchanges with his Tajik counterpart Sirojiddin Muhriddin and reached important consensus with the latter.

09:48, 05-20, 2024
Museum inaugurated to provide tactile, auditory experiences for visually impaired visitors

A museum was inaugurated Saturday in Beijing to provide the visually impaired people with tactile and auditory experiences.

09:47, 05-20, 2024
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