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Green Transition, Sustained Growth

2024-05-06 11:51:00 Source:China Today Author:China Today
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As people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection, the traditional energy-intensive and highly polluting industries are becoming outdated, needing to be upgraded or phased out, while low-carbon and clean industries are begining to mushroom. From new-energy vehicles to clean energy, from environmentally friendly building materials to the circular economy sector, the green industry has become a new economic growth pole. 

In China, some green practices have been quickly and widely promoted, as the country’s industrial structure and energy mix are further improved. New ideas and solutions to address environmental issues and fuel the green economy are springing up. Meanwhile, the country has attached great importance to high-quality development. Technological innovation is spearheading the industrial transformation. 

In this issue’s Special Report, we intend to give our readers a peek into how China is achieving its green transition by zooming into the country’s creative practices in this aspect. 


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